We are sorry to announce that the MMA Triathlon will not run in 2024
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The MMA Triathlon organising committee have taken steps to ensure that the event leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible.

The event faces several logistical challenges and we have introduced initiatives each year with the purpose of making our race more environmentally friendly. These initiatives include:

• Reusing and recycling swim caps
• Adjusting our race schedule and courses to assist and encourage the use of public transport for spectators to watch the race finish and minimise personal vehicle usage.
• Maximizing the use of E-bikes to reduce the need for cars and motor bikes on course
• Recycling race equipment when possible and using renewable materials when possible. 
• Using biodegradable bags for transition bags
• Replacing finisher medals with eco-friendly medals
• Encouraging carpooling on race day for volunteers, competitors, and race officials
• We are aiming to make the event almost paper free and endeavor to find as many alternatives as possible